Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween in a Hotel Room

I always look forward to Halloween because it is a chance to dress up, more than normal.
2002 bat, 2006 palm tree, 2007 funeral director, 2008 drowned swimmer, 2009 dead Wonder Woman.

This year my costume was slightly compromised by the limited resources in the hotel room. But I like these kind of challenges, I feel more comfortable with nothing than something. I think because there´s less to lose.

I set about making a mouse costume out of leaves I found outside the hotel.

It was easy to do, but I did have the advantage of packing a stapler (trampedor in Portuguese). However don´t worry if you don´t find yourself with one in your suitcase. You could borrow one from reception, or use the sewing kit that comes in the room. I´ve found being foreign you can generally get away with more because it is easier for people to let you do something than to try and explain why you can´t. It´s like when tired parents give in to screaming children. So I wouldn´t think twice about making this on a reception desk if I needed to.

Here are the results. The only flaw is I miscalculated the scale of my costume, so it is more of a costume for my hand, or a guinea pig.


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Michael said...

this is absolutely fantastic !!! i love your creativity lowri