Slug, 2005

A performance where I slithered across Manchester during rush hour in a slug suit I made. It was physically very gruelling, but intellectually less so. The morning´s work caused a lot of smiles and confusion.

Signs, 2005

A series of pinning personal memories to the public places they happened in.

The Happiest Day of your Life, 2005

After placing an advert in a newspaper for unwanted wedding photographs (for whatever reason) I received the video of John and Nat´s wedding day (pictured) from John´s mum after the happy couple divorced. I then produced a lot of stills from the big day that caught a more human, fragile side of these two people, away from the ceremony and show. Jack and Jean also sent me their pictures after being married for over 45 years, because they were having a clear out. We went on a tour of their wedding day together, and recreated their wedding photos all those years later.

Mirfield Grammar School 1925, 2004

After finding an old school photo at Burnley Market, I traced the school and recreated the school photo in the exact place where it happened, life-size. Afterwards, each face blew away in a paper chase along the old school path.

The Tape, 2004

A collection of recordings that I made on my ex-boyfriend´s deaf side for his hearing side to hear. The tape has outlived the relationship and the popularity of cassettes. Futile and utterly sincere.

Cine City, 2004

A performance with artist Laura Skilbeck. Together we hung around a derelict cinema in Manchester, dressed as old film stars, desperately trying to make sense of what had become of cinematic glamour.

Sugar Mouse, 2003

I made a giant sugar mouse, after being very kindly sponsored by Napier Brown and Supercook. He weighed over 30kg, and became a beautifully embarrassing, sad, obese, awkward, shy, unneccessary object. I think we can all feel like that at times. Once he was made, I wheeled him for 10 miles to Altrincham to a nursery. There the under-threes ate, poked, drew, played and destroyed him.

Icing Manchester, 2003

I took a pot of icing and a bag of cake decorations and iced the tops of fences, bollards and anything else that came into my path.