Spoken Like a True
Sring 2011

A week long performance project in Liverpool with FKUK and First Take. On Monday, a group of eight women from all backgrounds and experiences met, on Friday they performed a show of their work. Spoken Like a True is is committed to nurturing and exposing female talent in an intensive week of workshops. It was especially important to me, as I was a participant in 2008, and have experienced what a powerful and inspirational process this is. You can see a video about this project here:

The Magnificent Tale of Arturo the Waterboy and Emily Law
Summer 2010

A magical show written and directed by Liz Postlethwaite as part of the brilliant work that the Community and Education Department at The Library Theatre does. What wonderful young people we worked with.

Storybox Project
Spring 2010

A series of workshops for older people with mental health problems. It has been one of my favourite jobs ever and I hope to develop more work like this. The challenge was to find ways of communicating against the odds. Playing was very important in the workshops, and creating make-believe worlds together every week allowed to us to be who we wanted, and we all shared the same reality in that moment, with props, games, chats, costumes, exercises.

100 Cauliflowers
Autumn 2007

100 Cauliflowers was a project, created by Kerry Morrison that happened in the Greenwich Peninsula in 2007. Together with local residents we grew and harvested 100 cauliflowers, to celebrate the peninsula’s history of farming before the gas works built there, as well as raise the issues of food growing, sourcing and consumption.