Monday 23 January 2012

My Latest Book, Words and Pictures from Brazil

It's a real page turner! It is called 'The Secret Life of You and Me' based on my recent time in Brazil with a person I love.

Wednesday 14 December 2011

For Kate

I seem to only write when I’m in another place. Well I’m back in Brazil after some 400 days away. Anyway, it’s back to business blogging wise for the next month.

The first few days have been epic like the mountains that I’ve been flitting around, with elephant highs and lows (Brazil is the perfect country to have an affair of the heart in, by the way) (Also I will warn you right now this a post about love, not about a country).

Being with someone you love again. Ridiculous, rushing reunions that ebb into real life in waves of relief and disappointment. Being apart for long periods of time means that you have big gaps of experience that sometimes need filling in and sometimes don’t. Sometimes what you both imagined was in the gaps isn’t there at all.

So there you both are, constantly re-navigating a sprawling sea of two lives in a puddle of a month, in two languages you both don’t fully grasp, trusting that the other one is still searching for the same thing you are.

Maybe this is true of all relationships. Little leaps of faith in gaps of misunderstanding.

I’m making a book whilst I’m here too, a document of time unravelling.

Love, Lowri

Thursday 25 August 2011

Depicting a Love Affair

I dreamt that all my relationships would look and feel like this all the time:
Yet they always look and feel more like this:

Have Your Cake

I performed a new piece of work called Have Your Cake at Kraak Gallery, Manchester for Maria and the Gay's album launch. It was a 5 minute experiment about a phone call to my mum. The piece involved me tricking a man into marrying me and explored the failure of big celebrations (and maybe, actually, the celebration of big failures). It did end up with cake all over myself, and I know it's dangerous territory (female performance artist covered in cream, again) but I knew I had to be in order to tell the audience a small, sad thing. People listened in a way they only could if you'd really embarrassed yourself. There's definitely things in this that I want to revisit!

For more about Maria and the Gay click here
For more info about Kraak Gallery click here

Resonance of Seclusion

I am embarking on a new project with a new company. In October, Small Things will present a performance called The Resonance of Seclusion at The Whitworth Art Gallery. It will tell the real and magical story of Leeds artist, Joash Woodrow, who for nearly fifty years didn't stop painting, at home, brilliantly, furiously, on anything; and how his work nearly ended up in the skip, but through lots of twists of fate, is now considered one of the great British artists. Here's his brother Saul who has been helping us with the story.

Keep up to date with this project here

The Life and Death of Eggs Collective

June and July were taken up in the company of the barmy, brilliant Eggs Collective. A cabaret about life, death and survival, as much as a cabaret can be. It was great being amongst clever women. I got a lot out of being directed (by the amazing Rachel Brogan) and realised the fun you can have cutting between being yourself performing, and a character performing. I took on the role of a disaster seeking air hostess, but really it was me talking about how I don't know what I'm doing with my life, and how it isn't any the clearer for having a long distance relationship or being a freelance artist. My character and me were up in the air!

The Life & Death of Eggs Collective

For more about the Eggs Collective, click here

Show and Tell Then

This summer I had a proper holiday. Normally I end up working summers, because there's more children on the loose, and we tend to keep each other out of a loose end through the medium of youth theatre. But this summer was different. I went to visit my friend in the Middle East and my love came to visit me from Brazil.

Me and Kat in Jordan, my freckles had a field day:
Me and Rodolfo in Wales, the picnic blanket became a cape:

Sorry, It's Been The Summer Holidays!

I will post interesting art things I've done next. For now, this is me on holiday!

Sunday 12 June 2011

Walking around Manchester

I've been busy babysitting. Along the way, me and baby Michael have seen protective Geese, peeling paint, shop signs, derelict spaces, red bricks and VERY Victorian back alleys. Pushing a buggy is a good way to explore places: noone looks at you suspiciously and you tend to wander about. I rediscovered Manchester.

Posters Where I Live

Beautiful posters have found their way onto the notice board in my flats. They make me very happy!

This about general housekeeping:

And I might enter this: